Children and Young People



Consultations, psychotherapy, reflective and consultancy services for children, young people, families, organisations and schools:


School consultations – exploring how well children’s emotional and psychological needs are met in the school environment and considering together strategic change, leadership, staff training and development, therapeutic and wellbeing services, and the whole school culture.


Parent consultations – addressing your child’s challenges together, exploring patterns and tools for growth and change.  Providing education, understanding and support over time.


Psychotherapy for children and families– One to one psychotherapy for children to build strong self infrastructure, resilience and confidence.  Dyadic psychotherapy between parents and children to repair and strengthen relational bonds and communication.


Supervision and reflective practice for those working with children - A space to reflect upon and explore practice deeply within a safe and supportive relationship that can encourage growth.


Consultancy – available for organisations focused upon children and young people that want to create the best environments, practices and support teams for children and young people.


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