My approach

Psychotherapy offers a supportive relationship in which to explore distress or difficulty. My approach is integrative meaning I integrate a number of ways of thinking about and working with the psyche, and my attention takes in what is conscious (known) and verbalised by the client and what is unconscious (unknown) or unspoken. It is often necessary to engage the body, the senses, the hands, and the creative spirit in the therapeutic work so that these deeper unknown processes can come in to awareness, hence I use art, sand, play, movement, sound and reflective methods like mindfulness based techniques and visualisation. I am also trained to work with trauma using EMDR and other techniques, and I incorporate the environment and our relationship to the earth we live upon through horticultural or ecotherapy practices.

The elements of my approach are the same whether working with individuals or in groups. I have a great deal of experience in facilitating the relational processes between individuals in pairs or ever increasing shapes. From early parent-baby attachment to relationships at any point in the life span, I can help to strengthen the bonds between parents or caregivers and their children, with my approach developed by training in systemic and family psychotherapy, Dyadic Development Psychotherapy and Video Interaction Guidance.

Clinical supervision is integrative in focus, holding in its scope the therapist and client and all the many processes between and within them. I have been a Training Supervisor for many years, supporting therapists in training, and take a developmental approach that allows each practitioner to learn and grow.